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Josh Maas





     At a young age, Josh Maas has always known that the movement of pictures was his calling. His unique eye for this art has shown in his achievements with Independent feature films, commercials, and music videos. Josh has worked in the film industry for many years starting out as a gaffer and set electrician.


     His  goal was to officially become a Cinematographer and his dedication for film has helped him shoot multiple features as well as commercials, TV series, and music videos.


     Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Josh would consistently be videotaping family and friends events, taking lead in making it known that his love for film and playing with Cameras and lighting techniques. It has put most of his loved ones in awe and acknowledged his talents.  He ventured out to Los Angeles, California and began pursing his career in Cinematography.


     Josh exemplifies creativity and uniqueness in his vision of a story brought to life and the connection it has on its audience. His expertise of lighting and positioning of the camera exudes in his work. Josh Maas’ style can only be classified as bold, detailed, and inspiring.


Contact: 513.503.6054  /

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